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Harris Interiors

We design and install beautiful bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms which combine flawless functionality with perfect visual appeal

The vast array of choices and the importance of every decision can make entering the world of fitted interiors a daunting prospect. But you can relax, because we’re here to help you through. All our skills and expertise will come together to gently guide you towards a design that you’ll love with a budget you’re happy with.  And we’ll fit it with a perfect finish - guaranteed.

Everyone in our friendly family firm has the same aim: to provide the perfect solution to reflect you and your lifestyle.

Because our family name is on the line, we’ve chosen the very best staff from designer to craftsman-fitter. We’ve also selected the best manufacturers for quality and reliability; companies we know we can trust. Combine that with the kind of personal service that’s far too rare these days, and we believe we’re the best possible people to bring fresh life into your home.

“The designs of both kitchen and bathroom are excellent - both imaginative and functional. Already much admired. With two such major jobs on the go at the same time, there were bound to be issues - and there were. But the way they were handled was exemplary. There was no objection or defensiveness, just a wish to see the matter resolved as pleasantly and painlessly as possible. They could not have been more helpful. The standard of workmanship is outstanding. Very impressed all round.”

Ms Paget, Meanwood, Leeds

This cramped and dark kitchen was given a total makeover with an ingenious design. The owner enjoyed more space to move, more worktop space and more storage in a room which felt much bigger and lighter.

The Lambert's Kitchen, Leeds is a real show stopper in terms of clever features and interior design! 

The Lambert’s of Calverley, Leeds originally came to us some time ago looking for a new kitchen with plans to extend their home. After 2 consultations with us, they decided the look, feel and finish they were after required a bit more space to play with, and put their house up for sale! They then came in again for our help to transform their new kitchen into their dream space; combining socialising and family life into one super stylish and modern space.

Up and coming Interior designer Sharon Shaw came to Harris Interiors looking for something completely unique for her home in Rawdon, Leeds. Sharon wanted us to transform her oddly shaped master bedroom and ensuite into rectangular spaces and incorporate a feature bath into the newly opened up bedroom space!

The main challenge for this project came when making both the ensuite and master bedroom rectangular. We wanted to ensure the ensuite space (despite losing a few feet) remained a comfortable and functional space to be in, and at the same time ensure the aesthetic was luxurious – no ugly exposed waste pipes or obvious boxing in here! That's where our years of bathroom design experience came in!