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Making the most of your small or difficult spaces

Some say size doesn’t matter… try telling that to the person with the world’s smallest kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or even house! Here at Harris Interiors Leeds we’re often asked to help with designing kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms with very limited or difficult space; so here we’ve compiled a list of our favourite tips for utilising the space that you do have!

Under the stairs

under stairs

The area under the stairs is often disregarded as useful. Adding a cupboard (the traditional approach to this problem) can solve the age old storage issue of housing the ironing board or vacuum cleaner, or you could make a real design feature with a bespoke floor to ceiling shelving unit to house books, cd’s and DVDs. Work from home? Make this area work as an office space by adding a desk and utilising the stair treads.

Utilise the vertical space

cupboards up to ceiling

Whether it’s cupboards over the bed or ensuring your kitchen cupboards are extended to be flush against the ceiling, utilising your vertical space can add extra storage without taking up valuable floor space.

Use mirrors and glass to bounce light around


Avoid hanging pictures (which can make small rooms seem even smaller) instead opt for mirrors to bounce light around. Place them in areas that will catch natural light from the windows to instantly make a room feel bigger and brighter.

Use multifunctional furniture

day bed ikea

Small spaces still need to work for a variety of purposes. Swap the spare bed for a daybed which doubles as a sofa style seating area with storage below (like this one from Ikea), allowing the room to double as a study, playroom or even music room. Storage ottomans work perfectly in living rooms, bedrooms and even dining rooms doubling as valuable seating space.

Use bigger but fewer furnishings

big furniture

It’s a myth that small rooms require small furniture. The more separate items in one room, the more cluttered and subsequently smaller it will feel. Opt for larger furniture, but less of it. Minimal living is a top trend remember!


If you’ve got a space you’d like us to transform, big or small, head down to the Harris Interiors showroom in Rodley, Leeds today or call 0113 345 5496.  We create incredible spaces  in and around Leeds to suit your tastes and needs. Take a look at our recent work here for further inspiration and let us make your dream spaces a reality!


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