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5 top tips for making your Valentine’s meal stress-free!

Staying in is definitely the new going out this Valentine’s Day. Even if, like us, you love a good night out over a bottle of wine or two – an expensive meal out and complimentary red rose is just ‘so 2015’… cooking posh nosh for pauper prices at home is the future!


Re-creating your favourite restaurant inspired dishes doesn’t have to break the bank. You will however be spending extra time in your kitchen – so if it’s not yet the nicest room in your home, we can help with that (take a look at our kitchens page to see the best in Leeds)! Although we’d love to, unfortunately we can’t fit you a new kitchen in time for Valentine’s Day 2016; we can however offer you our 5 top tips for making your Valentine’s meal stress-free!

1. De-Clutter

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Be sure to de-clutter your work spaces –  tidy kitchens are productive kitchens! This includes washing up as you go along, the last thing you’ll want after a few too many glasses of wine is to tackle a mountain of washing up.

2. Create a schedule


Work backwards – set the time you’d like to eat each course and deduct cooking and preparation time accordingly, this is the key to ensuring your scallops are ready before your Dauphinoise Potatoes or Chocolate Fondant and so on.

3. Don’t forget the wine.


Did you know that the industry standard restaurant mark-up on a bottle of plonk is between 200% and 300%? Grab a bottle from the supermarket or local wine merchant and save on the price as opposed to the taste.

4. Utilise your tools!


Got a convection microwave oven? Save that valuable oven space for roasting. Boiling multiple vegetables? Use a tiered steamer to save hob space!

5. Get inspired

And finally, in need of some last minute culinary inspiration? BBC Good Food[link] have a whole section devoted to ‘Valentine’s Day’, so you can have all meals from breakfast through to dinner covered!

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