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A guide to planning your perfect kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, it’s used for a variety of occasions that surpass the everyday meal times. It is a place for family and friends to gather together and spend quality time, so you need to make sure it’s a space where your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. A kitchen once used as a means of necessity, now a staple of your home that not only needs to be functional – it has to look nice too.

When planning a kitchen there are many factors to consider in order to get the right design to suit your space and needs, these include:

The Layout


The first part of a kitchen design would be deciding on the layout. This factor will determine how easy it will be to cook, eat and socialise in the kitchen. Kitchens need to be easy to navigate and movement through them should be fluid. There’s no point having your pans on the other side of the kitchen to your hob or installing a huge island that makes moving around the space difficult. Zoning is a great way to ensure your kitchen is working for you, this means dividing up space into cooking, eating, cleaning and entertaining spaces with subtle dividers such as tables, ‘L’ shaped units, breakfast bars or islands.



Before deciding on the best layout you need to think about how you currently use your kitchen and how you want to be able to use it. Will it be a space primarily for cooking big Sunday dinners for the family? A place predominantly for entertaining? Or somewhere that will be multi-functional, providing not only a cooking space but an eating one as well? All these factors need to to be considered when planning your dream kitchen – the function of the space will drive not only the layout but also design features, accessories, storage options and lighting.



Speaking of lighting, this area of kitchen design is easy to overlook but can truly make or break a space. There are so many options these days, from statement shades to ultra modern over table lighting, underlit cabinets, spot lit flooring and coloured bulbs, the possibilities are endless. The right lighting can transform a space from a family hub to a grown up entertaining space or from a chef’s paradise to a party space at the flick of a switch.



Storage is king in the kitchen. Whether you’re after a completely minimalist look with everything hidden away or just need somewhere to store the weekly big shop and then some, creating a kitchen that fulfils your storage needs will make life easier every day. Innovative storage ideas include corner drawers to suit awkward spaces, specially designed utensil drawers with built in utensil holders, rolling cabinets or pull out racks.

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