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Wet Rooms – 5 Reasons why getting one is a great idea!

Over recent years Wet Rooms have become one of the biggest bathroom trends! Stylish and convenient, a Wet Room can be a fantastic addition to any home.

Wet Rooms have really increased in popularity over recent years and we design and install more Wet Rooms now than ever before and here’s why….

They’re really stylish 

Changing your boring, dated bathroom into an ultra-sleek, contemporary Wet Room, complete with a walk-in shower gives the illusion of more space and a feeling of pure luxury.

A Wet Room can add value to your home

Due to the luxury feel a Wet Room brings to any home, and the significant increase in their popularity, installing a Wet Room is likely to add thousands to the value of your home.

Maximise Space

No matter what the size of your bathroom, a Wet Room is guaranteed to really maximise your space.


When a Wet room is installed the entire room is waterproofed & the water drains away through a flush drain within the shower area.

Easy to Clean

Wet Rooms are much easier to clean than traditional bathrooms leaving you more time to enjoy your new luxurious bathroom.

Installing a Wet Room is also a great idea if you are looking for a more accessible bathroom solution. If you struggle to get in and out of the bath or have a disability that means you require a more accessible bathing solution, a Wet Room could be just the answer. 

Harris Interiors have been installing Wet Rooms for customers for a number of years.  Our team of experts will work with you from design right through to installation and everything in between with our Full Circle Service! Contact our showroom based in Rodley, Leeds today on 0113 345 54 96.

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