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Bathroom Mirrors – The do’s and don’ts of mirrors when redesigning your bathroom!

When designing your new bathroom, the simple mirror is often overlooked!  However, the truth is, it’s actually something you use it every single day, so it’s a fairly critical element to your bathroom décor and is certainly a way to inject style and character into any bathroom!

Choosing a bathroom mirror can be a fairly big decision and with options such as striking frames and lighting fixtures, it can turn what could often have been just an ordinary wall mirror, into a striking focal point in your new bathroom!

Your bathroom mirror should certainly be met with some consideration in the bathroom design process.  Here we tell you the do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing a bathroom mirror…


Consider the size

The size of your bathroom mirror is very important in relation to the rest of your bathroom space, particularly the vanity unit. With style and design aside, a mirror generally shouldn’t be wider than the vanity unit itself.

Height wise, a mirror should reach about 30cms above and below the eye line of the user. However, as much height as possible is better as this ensures extra viewing angles and gives your bathroom a much more open feel.


Overlook the importance of function

Mirrors are no longer just about providing a reflection. There are now many additional features which can really create a focal point for any bathroom.

Vanity cabinets with mirrored fronts are available in both modern and traditional styles and can provide you with extra storage space for all your bathroom favourites.

Another option are mirrors with built-in-lighting which are absolutely perfect for cosmetic reasons.  The extra lighting can really help you to see what you will really look like out and about. This type of cabinet will need to be hardwired into the bathroom so please remember to use a qualified electrician.


Decide between framed and unframed

Clean and minimalistic, unframed mirrors are a top trend at the moment, however, a framed mirror can add another dimension of style.

If you are unsure, one way to do this would be to purchase an unframed mirror and if you change your mind, buy a frame later down the line to style it up!


Take your lifestyle into consideration

This will very much depend on who you share your home with!  Sometimes its worth having two mirrors if you and your spouse are always fighting for mirror space on a morning!

Really consider your lifestyle and think about not just what looks great, but also what is practical and makes your life easier!


Think about multiple mirrors

Multiple mirrors can work really well in a bathroom. Several tall, slim mirrors can help to give the bathroom a more vertical look, emphasising the height of the space. Whereas a large single mirror can open up the room by reflecting more of the opposite walls.

Centering a mirror on the sink and then adding a second mirror-symmetrical to the first can make the entire composition look more balanced, compared to just one singular mirror.

What you will actually be able to achieve here will depend upon your personal style and your bathroom’s space.


Forget about windows

If you can locate your mirror to reflect a window, this will mean additional natural lighting for the bathroom, which can help to bring out the very best in every other design feature you include in your new bathroom.

However, in doing this you need to ensure that the layout is still practical!

If you would like advice regarding the design of your bathroom, contact Harris Interiors on 0113 345 54 96 or visit our website!

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