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Choosing the right kitchen taps can make all the difference!

It can be difficult to know where to start when designing a new Kitchen! Kitchen taps are an important part of the design as the right ones can transform a Kitchen!

We have therefore written this handy blog to help to guide you through the choices out there…

The main two factors you should consider when choosing kitchen taps are style and usability.  Thinking about the size and shape of your taps and whether you want one for hot water and one for cold water or a combination tap is a good place to start!

There are so many taps on the market, some basic right through to fancy taps with extra functionality! From instant hot water taps to taps with built-in drinking water, the choices are endless!


The first thing you need to decide is what you want from your kitchen taps. Are you happy with the basic hot and cold water or would you like something extra?

Adding an instant boiling water tap or a cold water filter tap can certainly make life easier in the kitchen.  There are also other taps that add a little more sparkle and allow you to enjoy filtered, chilled and sparkling water.

If you buy bottled water then you may want to consider a filter tap. On average, this costs just 1.5p per litre, which is significantly cheaper than bottled water but has all the natural taste of fresh drinking water, without the plastic.

A boiling water tap is a great addition to any kitchen and is in fact now considered an essential piece of kit in most kitchens, and with it using less energy than a kettle, it’s also more efficient!

So whether you just want the traditional hot and cold taps, filtered drinking water, instant hot water or a mixture of all, there is something out there for everyone, but the one thing to remember, choosing the right taps can transform your kitchen, so make sure you take your time in making the choice and check out all of the different options on the market first.

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