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How to create the perfect couples bathroom!

It’s almost that time again… Valentine’s Day is upon us and it’s got us thinking about couples bathrooms! We’ve all seen them in swanky hotels, but as Leeds’ expert bathroom designer’s, we know couples bathrooms can work well in any home! Don’t forget, they’re not all rose petals and candles – you could even solve that age-old problem of ‘hogging the sink’ in a morning and make bathroom bickering a distant memory!

His and hers sinks

Not only do his and hers sinks look great, they’re super practical. Forget fighting over the sink in the morning (or on an evening for that matter) – and assign a sink per person. This also lends itself to adding other ‘personal’ features, such as storage areas.

Got a smaller space to work with? Opt for smaller sinks or units! A double basin can provide the same solution without overcrowding the space.

 Multiple mirrors

Couples often want different things from their bathroom mirror, whether that be a close-up shaving mirror, a well-lit makeup mirror or a full-length mirror. Our advice is to add a combination of mirror types, this will help to bounce light around the room and make the room look bigger.

Don’t have the wall space? Adding a full-length mirror to the back of a door, or close up mirror with an extendable arm can solve this problem.

 Double ended bath

The best bathrooms are both practical and the perfect place to relax and unwind. Adding a double ended bath, with taps in the center allows you both to take a leisurely soak, without fighting over the tap-free end. Got lots of space? Make a feature out of it! Freestanding baths and even baths in the centre of the room are sure to create a wow factor enviable of everyone who enters.

Prefer to add one to your ensuite but don’t have space? How about adding a feature bath to your master bedroom for the real wow factor!


Is the toothbrush holder that little bit too overcrowded? Maybe the bathroom cabinet’s just not big enough? Adding his and hers storage into your newly designed couple’s bathroom could be the answer to many of your bathroom bickers.

In small spaces, try adding multiple robe hooks, toothbrush holders or bathroom organisers, and in larger spaces add bigger individual storage units.

Looking into his and hers sinks? They provide the perfect space to incorporate personal storage solutions.

Dual shower heads

We’d advise you think carefully about this one – it may sound like a great idea… but also opens up the risk of that peaceful post-gym shower being abruptly interrupted! Dual shower heads work best when incorporated into a sizable walk-in shower, where there’s plenty of space for two.

Are you looking for a brand new bathroom design in Leeds? Here at Harris Interiors, our bathroom designers can work with each individual bathroom space and size to make dream spaces a reality. We really do create the best bathrooms in Leeds! Contact us today on 0113 345 5496 or visit our bathroom showroom in Rodley, Leeds today!

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