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How to make the most of a small bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, there are lots of ways you can make it stylish, practical and space efficient. With the right knowledge and ideas, you can turn your small bathroom into a dream space with Harris Interiors!

We have helped so many customers to turn their small bathrooms into dream spaces, they never thought possible, with great design and space saving ideas!


Here we share some of our tips on how to make the most out of your small bathroom:

Using neutral colours throughout can really help to make a small space look infinitely bigger. Neutral colours that run along the floor, up the walls, and around the bath create a feeling of never-ending space.

Tiling the side of your bath with the same tiles as the walls make it hard to distinguish where each begins, making your space seem bigger. Marble is perfect for this, as it looks like one big sheet rather than individual tiles, which don’t have the same kind of effect.

Using the same floor and wall tiles can also make a small bathroom look much bigger and give your bathroom a spa look.


Maximise your floor space by using wall-hung fittings. This then means that you can use the woven baskets in the space underneath for storage, and it also makes it much easier to clean!  Built-in shelves can also work incredibly well for storage and space saving!

If you have a heavily patterned floor, then make sure that your walls are a simple, neutral and plain in colour.  Towel rails above the bathtub work incredibly well for not only convenience when getting out of the bathtub but also for saving on precious space!

Curved corners are much better than sharp corners.  Not only are these softer but you also gain blank space.

Try not to block off or hide the shower with dark curtains or shower screens. Using glass doors can make your shower feel like liveable square footage and it also gives you lots of natural light which is essential in a small space.

Opting for a small cloakroom sink with a ledge above it to hold all your essentials such as soap, toothpaste etc can be a great space saver. Use mirrors wherever you can as these are great for making rooms appear bigger so the more mirrors the better!

For great bathroom design ideas, contact Harris Interiors in Rodley, Leeds on 0113 345 54 96 or visit our website to book your no obligation appointment.

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