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Kitchen appliances to make you a ‘Star Baker’ in no time!

Whether you’re catching up on this week’s Great British Bake Off or anticipating this weekends Saturday Kitchen or Sunday Brunch – the final bank holiday of the year is fast approaching… and what better way to spend it than creating your favourite sweet and savory culinary delights!

Unleash your inner Mary Berry and take a look at our ‘save or splurge’ top 3 foodie inspired kitchen appliances will get you to ‘Star Baker’ status in no time!

1: An Electric Mixer

Now this may seem like a lavish appliance – but how are you going to cope with hours of stirring, mixing and whipping it takes to win a technical challenge? – Unless you’ve got ‘guns’ like Popeye that is! An electric mixer doesn’t have to break the bank, even stand mixers start from as little as £30, going all the way up to hundreds and even thousands!


Save Mixer

Kenwood HM680 Chefette Metal Bowl Hand Mixer



Splurge Mixer

KitchenAid Artisan Mixer


2: Weighing scales

Unlike with general cooking, rule number 1 of baking is to weigh your ingredients… accurately! Get the weights wrong and not only could you end up with a ‘soggy bottom’ to your bake, some things may not set, rise or taste anything like they’re supposed to. Scales aren’t the most expensive item on the list, but if you’re wanting to get to star baker status, you’re going to need them! Want scales to throw in the cupboard after use, go for our ‘save’ pick below, or splurge a little and get some cool looking ones to sit on your worktop!


Save Scales

Salter Disc Kitchen Scale



Splurge Scales

Typhoon Vision Electric Blue Kitchen Weighing Scales


3: Thermometer

We’ve all been there, from an undercooked cake to an over cooked caramel – in many cases it’s key to get the right temperature. Save everything from Sunday dinner to brownies by making a cooking thermometer a staple piece of your go to kitchen equipment!


Save Thermometer

Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer With Individual Meat Settings Wireless Tool



Splurge Thermometer

SuperFast Thermapen 3 thermometers


If you want to ‘rise’ to the occasion and dazzle friends and family with your baking prowess having the right tools really is integral. If you’re looking for some more advice on the best kitchen appliances for your needs, or are looking for a new kitchen design to rival Paul Hollywood’s, give us a call on 0113 345 5496, pop into our Rodley, Leeds showroom, or email

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