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From working in a variety of kitchens in Leeds and throughout Yorkshire we have seen numerous kitchen designs that are not made for socialising. There is a new trend of making the kitchen the social hub of a home and so we decided to help. We’ve come up with some ideas to make this room a better place.


Combine kitchen and dining area


Kitchen and dining


If your kitchen and dining room are next to one another you could consider knocking the wall through. This way it would combine the areas making your space open plan and freer. It means you can accommodate a large number of people in the area and makes your kitchen the central point of the home.


Build in a hang-out bar


Breakfast bar


A built-in breakfast bar or kitchen island can be a great option if your kitchen isn’t big enough to include a dining room table. This is a great way to make your kitchen the new social area as it allows family and guests to sit while someone is preparing a meal or just a great way to gather away from the tv. This is a big trend in modern day kitchen design and we can see why – it’s a great way to bring everyone together.


Casual seating option


Casual seating option


If you’re lucky enough to have a large kitchen, along with your main table you could include a more relaxed area which incorporates a sofa. This creates a welcoming area and if your kitchen is on the bigger side a lounge area will bring the empty space together. Additionally, it also breaks up space into an eating area and social area, making your kitchen design ready for all occasions.


Keep the room bright


Bright kitchen


It’s important if you’re wanting your kitchen to feel sociable that you have a bright open space. Bright rooms make people feel uplifted and also rooms that are well lit make the space seem bigger. There are many ways you can make your kitchen seem lighter and brighter, for example, choose your paint colour wisely; pale colours are a popular option. Additionally, consider the way you cover your windows, avoid curtains and go for shutter style blinds that allow enough natural lighting in the room.
Referring back to our first point, why not try knocking through the kitchen into the dining room? This allows light from both rooms to flood in and again makes for a more open space.


Room with a view


room with a view


If your kitchen is at the back of your house you could incorporate your garden. This could be done by adding glass doors from your kitchen straight to the garden. This not only brightens your kitchen but also makes the kitchen part of the outside area of your home. It’s good to look into bi-fold doors that open the entire room to the terrace; this makes the inside and outside feel one.


With our kitchen designs, we have made numerous Kitchens in Leeds and surrounding areas a perfect social hub. If you’ve got a project in mind you’d like to talk to us about, drop us a line on, call us on 0113 345 5496 or call into our Rodley, Leeds bathroom showroom today! Also, check out our Houzz page which features our ideabook with inspiration about this blog!


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