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Kitchen Lighting – Everything you need to know

Creating a well-planned kitchen lighting scheme that sets the mood for cooking, eating and entertaining is key.

You can transform a kitchen with a lighting scheme, turning an ordinary looking kitchen into a truly spectacular one! The kitchen is no longer just a place to cook but is multifunctional, so must cater for dining, relaxing, working and entertaining.

Lighting, if positioned cleverly, can hide a multitude of sins. It can make a small kitchen appear larger, or compensate for poor natural light.

Your lighting scheme should be agreed at the kitchen design stage. Leaving it until later will limit your possibilities.

Consider the size and layout of the kitchen and how much natural light it receives. Think about food preparation zones, the kitchen sink and above the hob – these areas will require task lighting whilst others such as the dining area, call for mood and accent lighting. Dimmer switches are great for creating a soft, ambient glow by decreasing power to the light source.

Task lighting refers to the brightest lights, which target the main working areas such as worktops, cooker, and the sink. Focused task lighting, which you should position as close to the front edge of the cupboard as possible, can be positioned above the hob, sink and chopping board and will ensure bright focused task lighting. If you don’t position these correctly you could end up just illuminating the back of the worktop only!
Under-cupboard LED downlighters are slim enough to be recessed into the bottom of overhead units. Flexible LED strip lighting mounted on the underside of cupboards is another option. Then there are ceiling-mounted lights which are flush-fitted for a streamlined, modern look, with directional spots.
Create mood lighting by trying wall lights and washers, which add a subtle form of background illumination. If you have high ceilings, try uplighters on top of the kitchen cabinets. This will enhance the general light, whilst reducing the number of downlights you will need.
A beautiful series of pendant lights or a single statement piece above a dining table will help to create not only a great source of light, but it also adds interest. Hand pendants low to create a feeling of intimacy.
You can also fit pendants with a dimmer switch to add flexibility. And don’t underestimate the benefit of natural light in your kitchen. French doors, windows, and skylights will help to fill your kitchen with daylight.


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