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Our favourite cool kitchen design features

If you could integrate absolutely anything into your kitchen, what would it be? Here at Harris Interiors, Leeds, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite cool design features to integrate into your new kitchen. From the ultimately practical to the most luxurious ideas – we’d love them all!

Champagne bucket

ice bucket

One for the true bubble lovers. Fed up of heading in and out of the fridge for a top up? Why not integrate your champagne, wine or prosecco bucket into the worktop. This awesome idea oozes sophistication, is perfect for entertaining, and frees up valuable space in the fridge.

Instant hot water tap

hot water tap

Does waiting for the kettle to boil really wind you up? How about investing in a hot water tap like the Quooker. Simply turn on for instant boiling water, the perfect invention for the Yorkshire Tea addicts among us.

Hidden sponge storage


Although extremely functional, there are few things more unsightly than the washing up sponge, but hiding it away in the huge cupboard under the sink is not only impractical but unhygienic. Adding some smart sponge storage close to your sink solves both problems, being small enough to keep track of sponges and also to keep clean, move your unsightly sponges here and keep your kitchen clutter free.

Pop up knife storage

pop up knife

Not only are most knife blocks not the nicest thing to look at (unless you invest in something extravagant), they can be dangerous to leave lying around on worktops when children are around. Remove the worktop clutter and risk of ‘little fingers’ by adding a pop up knife block to simply hide them away.

Warming drawer

warming drawer

Trust us; a warming drawer is for life… not just for Christmas! Constantly trying to sit down to dinner as a family, but the kids food is ready before yours? Love entertaining but run out of space to keep things warm? Adding a warming drawer could solve both of these problems! Simply place food or plates into the drawer to keep warm without cooking further (similar to the hot plates used in professional kitchens).

Sliding Island worktop

sliding worktop

Perfect for the clutter-phobes. A sliding Island worktop helps to hide appliances when not in use, plus pull out to reveal a fully functioning breakfast bar. Now that’s what we call ergonomic design!

Wine cellar

spiral wine cellar

Now this is about as extravagant as it gets… If you’ve got an unlimited budget and are an avid wine lover, this is certainly the dream kitchen design feature for you (and us)! Add an underground wine cellar complete with spiral staircase. Obviously, this works better and is more cost effective if you have an existing cellar, but we can dream!

We hope this helped to inspire your kitchen design ideas, we create the highest quality, affordable kitchens in Leeds – but don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our kitchens and recent projectsrecent projects pages to see for yourself!
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