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The key to redesigning your bedroom

What would you LOVE if money was no object?


redesigning your bedroom - non negotiable feature


When redesigning your bedroom, It’s not always unrealistic to try and recreate your dream space – this gives you something to aim for! From this vision, you can decide what’s most important to you, and make the more sensible financial decisions based on the things you really want, vs the things you’re not 100% sure on. Don’t forget, the average person waits over 4 years to redecorate/reconfigure a room, so it needs to be something you’ll love for that amount of time. Your non-negotiable feature could be anything from an en-suite or walk in wardrobe, to a super king bed, built in wardrobes or something as simple as matching bedside tables! You can see above a project we completed for Sharon Shaw in Rawdon, Leeds. Sharon wanted us to transform her oddly shaped master bedroom and ensuite into rectangular spaces and incorporate a feature bath into the newly opened up bedroom space… a feature here at Harris we’re completely in awe of! You can read more about this project here.


What are the main challenges with your room layout and space?




Do you have an oddly shaped room? Maybe you have windows on 2 sides of the room or have an attic or loft room? These are the main things you need to consider in terms of layout – as changes to these things will cost you the most money! If you seriously hate any of these things, speak to a designer about ways of getting around them, you might be surprised as some things are more cost/time effective than you might imagine!


Work with someone to get the most out of the space you have




This is where we come in! As mentioned above, you may be pleasantly surprised that ‘problem’ wall you expected to cost you a fortune to move, actually might not. Similarly, you may have never considered some of the ideas or layout changes we might suggest. Who said an attic room couldn’t have stunning fitted storage? The key is working with the rooms potential and ergonomically designing the space to ensure you get the things you want in the space you have!


Storage considerations when redesigning your bedroom




Deciding on how much storage you require is one of the fundamentals of any bedroom. Underestimate and you’ll end up with a cluttered room where you can’t find anything, or the rooms contents spill out into other room. Over-estimate, and the room can start to feel more like a walk in wardrobe with a bed than a bedroom. Fitted wardrobes and cupboards are the best options to optimise storage, with the option of utilising the full floor to ceiling height and boxing out any oddly shaped ‘cubby holes’. If free standing is more your style, there’s a huge range available at potentially a fraction of the cost, but be wary of the reduced storage space if you’re a shopaholic!






Do you want a space that ties in with the rest of your home? Or something completely different and unique? Remember some features such as exposed beams are better to be considered than ignored when thinking about colour schemes, styles and the overall feel of the room. We find, using online tools such as Pinterest and pinning the different features you like can help you to establish the specific style you’re going for before you commit to buying anything. You’ll also find a multitude of interior design trends for inspiration!






As with any room, when thinking about lighting you need to consider what the room will be used for. Those who like to read in bed may want to incorporate an overhead reading lamp. Fancy a dressing area and table? Try locating it in an area that’s flooded with natural light or add an LED illuminated mirror for flawless makeup application.






The opportunities for bedroom decor are endless! The key here is budget. For low budgets, paint is an inexpensive alternative to wallpaper and can be changed relatively quickly and easily. Another lower budget option is to go for a feature wall – this is still extremely popular and means you’ll need just a few rolls of luxurious wallpaper as opposed to them breaking the bank. With any decor choices, the key with a bedroom is again to bear in mind what the space will be used for – could you really sleep in a bright red room? Is the use of the room likely to change anytime soon? This is they key with children’s bedrooms, what they love right now might be a thing of the past in as little as 6 months!


If you’ve got a project in mind you’d like to talk to our expert team about drop us a line on or call us on 0113 345 5496 today!

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