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Small Kitchens can be beautiful too!

Creating a beautiful small kitchen is all in the design.  Clever design ideas can turn a small, dated kitchen into a beautiful, practical and stylish space!

Clearing away the clutter in small kitchens can make a big difference.  Wall units take up a lot of space so consider open shelving units as an alternative. They create a more open feel but don’t over clutter them as this can work against you.

There are also many clever solutions available for worktops too.  Using wall-mounted solutions for things such as utensils, pans, knives etc can really work in your favour in terms of space.  Only keep to hand what you use every day such as chopping boards etc, everything else can be stored away to keep your kitchen as clutter-free as possible.

White walls keep a kitchen simple – consider these along with white or frosted glass cabinet doors, white stone or stainless steel worktops and white splashback tiling. Sleek and contemporary details such as these can really open up space, making the room look larger.

With smart planning, integrated appliances, you can create a beautiful, hardworking scheme for your small kitchen.

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