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So Christmas is over and it’s time to think about what you want to do in 2018! A new Kitchen is often on peoples minds at the start of a New Year, after all, we spend more time at home and in our kitchen over the Christmas period than any other time of year!

January is one of our biggest months for enquiries about new Kitchens!  Cooking Christmas dinner in your old Kitchen for one more year can often prompt you to realise its definitely time for a new one!  Sometimes it’s down to the lack of space and functionality of your kitchen, others just feel that their Kitchen is old, dated and requires a complete facelift!

Planning your new Kitchen in detail is essential. It’s important that from the start you consider what you really want from your new kitchen.

So what are the most important things to consider?

Comfortable Furniture

The Kitchen has now become more of a living space in the home. Instead of being somewhere you cook, it’s a more sociable space for the family and so comfortable furniture is an absolute must!  If you’re going to spend lots of time in a room then you need comfortable chairs, much like you would have in your living room!


Lighting is really important in a Kitchen. You need to consider this at the planning stage and really look at what will happen in each space. Some areas will require task lighting such as food preparation areas, the Kitchen sink and above the hob whereas others, such as the dining area, will require mood and accent lighting.

Smart Gadgets

Technology is becoming bigger and bigger in the Kitchen. Bluetooth speakers, smart frying pans, precision cookers and touchscreen laptops are all must have gadgets!

Surfaces with seating

Going back to the point about a Kitchen being more of a living space, seating areas are a functional and practical part of the Kitchen. Kitchen Islands and Breakfast Bars will continue to be the main Kitchen trend in 2018!

Decorative Tiles

The design potential with decorative tiles in the Kitchen is endless and we think we are going to see a lot more of these throughout 2018!

If you would like to speak to Harris Interiors about your new Kitchen, contact our showroom based in Rodley, Leeds on 0113 345 54 96 or visit our website to book your FREE, no obligation design appointment!

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