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The 5 things people forget when redesigning their kitchen

The kitchen creates a hub for all the family, on average we spend even more time relaxing in there than we do in our lounge, not to mention the time spent cooking and eating. Re-designing your kitchen is by no means a small task! With families in the UK spending on average £13,000 more on this room, than any other room in the house, it’s important to involve the professionals (e.g us) to ensure you don’t miss a trick! Here are our top 5 things people forget to consider when redesigning their kitchen.

1. Splashback


Whether you opt for aesthetically pleasing designer tiles, or high gloss wipe clean granite or glass remember this is as much a functional part of the kitchen as it is a design feature. Think of all the oil and grease in the kitchen and imagine this splashed all over £100 per roll wallpaper… Not a pretty sight! Weigh up your needs by talking to your designer – if you cook a lot of stir fry’s or sauce based dinners they’ll be sure to steer you away from anything porous or stainable – save your favourites for less hazardous areas; they’ll look completely different covered in last night’s spag bol anyway.

2. Not enough storage


We pride ourselves on considering your kitchens ergonomics every step of the way – put simply – we make your available space the most efficient in terms of storage, functionality and design. Many people underestimate the amount of storage required. E.g. where will that huge Paella pan fit when every cupboard is only as wide as a standard dinner plate? Or are unaware of how corner cupboards can function in terms of the different pull out shelving options available. We can even help you with every aspect of your kitchen – we can even utilise the ‘unusable space’ above the fridge!

3. Positioning appliances


This is a difficult one if you’re short on space. The general rule is to work within the ‘kitchen triangle’ which features your cooker, sink and oven/hob at each of the 3 points. The key is to ensure you have enough counter space between each of these, to allow for preparation space and just general space to put things. But not too much; you don’t want to walk the whole way across the room to put down a hot dish from the oven. As experts in our field, we ask all the necessary questions and can find clever ways to integrate things like microwaves and coffee machines to free up your counter space.

4. The floor


Your kitchen floor will take some hammering – like with the splashback, this needs to be looked at in terms of functionality as well as aesthetics. Got children? Maybe consider something durable, wipe clean or easily replaceable. Walk around in bare feet? Consider underfloor heating and avoid anything that could be rough under foot.

5. Electrical outlets


They’re essential, but there’s nothing worse than giant white plastic electrical outlets obstructing a set of beautiful (and often expensive) designer tiles. Integrate them by opting for design led choices such as brushed chrome finishes or flush fitting outlets. Or better still hide them where possible.

We hope this list helped you out, we create the highest quality, affordable kitchens in Leeds – but don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our kitchens and recent projects pages to see for yourself!

If you’re based near Leeds, our skilled kitchen designers and craftsmen would be happy to help you out! Give us a call on 0113 345 5496 or visit our Rodley Showroom today to get the best kitchen Leeds has to offer!

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