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Ways to transform your downstairs bathroom

If you are considering getting a new bathroom downstairs or already have one, and are looking to make some changes, we’ve come up with a few ways to make it the perfect space…. no matter what size!

Trick the eye

Usually the downstairs bathroom is smaller than the average room in the home, so when it comes to decorating, you want to make sure that the bathrooms design is making the room appear larger. If you have space for a bath, consider tiling the side of the bath, wall, and floor with the same design in order to make it hard for people to distinguish where one starts and the other ends. This makes the space immediately appear larger and more modern. Additionally, consider using large tiles as they will again make the space feel more open.

Wet rooms

If you want a shower downstairs but don’t have the space to incorporate one with doors, why not consider creating a wet room? What’s great about this design is that all that is needed is a screen to ensure the whole bathroom doesn’t get soaked but without using up too much space!


Another great way to make your new bathroom seem larger is to incorporate mirrors. Mirrors have the power to transform a room by reflecting light and create the impression of space.

Mirrors can be included in numerous ways whether it be hanging the mirror on the wall or mirrored tiles, either way, it’s important to consider perspective and play with size. For example, consider positioning the mirror on the back wall to suggest infinity or opt for smaller mirrors arranged together to create a totally different look. Whatever way you decide to use this technique it’s a guaranteed way to brighten up the room.


If you aren’t looking for a new bathroom but just fancy a change, buying new accessories is the best way to do this – without breaking the bank! Consider choosing a theme and apply it to your bathroom. Since accessories are easily changeable, this can also be a great opportunity to choose objects that are on trend and that you can replace when your style changes.

Don’t be afraid of colour

Despite the probability that your downstairs bathroom space is small, it doesn’t mean you can’t use colour. Colour brings personality into a room and creates vibrancy. Additionally, colour is great for making a focal point, so consider using them on your main wall. Also, use different shades of the chosen colour with complimentary towels and additional accessories.

White works

If you prefer a fresher look and don’t want to use colour, sticking to a white scheme can make rooms feel larger. Consider using a monochrome scheme with different shades of white, grey and black allows you to play around with texture and patterns without making the room feel fussy or cluttered. White is a great colour to use to open up a small space, just be sure to opt for a warmer shade of white or risk the room feeling too clinical.

Use your space wisely

If you have a small amount of floor space it’s good to use floating fittings. This will visually max the space out as more of the floor can be seen. This also opens up storage space as you could consider storing toiletries under the fixtures, whilst wall integrated taps keep the bathrooms look minimal and perfectly finished.

Made to measure fittings and fixtures

If you are wanting a new bathroom it’s good to plan out the design in order to maximise the space. The idea is to use every bit of space to the utmost in order to utilise the all the space whilst making the room appear spacious.

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