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What is your Fantasy Kitchen Island?

When it comes to choosing a kitchen island, there are many factors to consider. The kitchen can be one of the most complicated rooms in the house to design and deciding how to incorporate an Island can be rather confusing. The first thing to consider is the size of your kitchen as this will determine how big your island can be and its functionality!


Breakfast bar

You need to decide what you would like to use your island for.  Will it be preparing food, cooking, cleaning up, eating and entertaining or perhaps it will be somewhere you can work and the kids can do their homework? Deciding this will then allow you to focus on the design. If you want to include a sink, cooker or any other appliance in the island you will need more space, however, if it’s going to be used for family meals and entertaining then seating should be your priority.



Once you have decided on the main function of your kitchen island, you can start to work on the design.  Most importantly, the kitchen island must work well with the overall flow of the rest of the kitchen and this needs to be taken into account in the design.

If you have decided you would like to integrate appliances into your kitchen island, you will need to plan for function. If you have decided to install a cooker, for example, you will need to consider the space needed for an extractor hood.  If you decide on a sink, then you would need to have the dishwasher either to the left or right of the sink.

Storage is a big consideration for any kitchen. If you already have adequate storage in your kitchen then this may not be a priority for the kitchen island. If you are using the kitchen island as somewhere to prepare food, then an under counter fridge may work well. In addition,  you will also need to consider storage for prep utensils and chopping boards.


Counter height is important and depends on what you are using the island for.  If it’s the main seating area for family meals and entertaining it would usually be lower than if you just wanted to have bar stools.

The main thing with any kitchen island is that it needs to work with the rest of your kitchen. You need to ask yourself, does it work with the opposite kitchen counter? Can it complete the work triangle of sink, cooker, refrigerator? You also need to make sure there is adequate floor space at the ends of the island.

Our experienced kitchen designers at Harris Interiors Ltd in Rodley, Leeds can help you to work through all of the above and with their expert knowledge, design your fantasy island! Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation design appointment on 0113 345 54 96.

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